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Multi-Layered Security for 360˚ Gaming Protection

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Low latency. Top-end performance. High throughput. These are the cornerstones for providing gamers with a rewarding, immersive experience.

Gaming vendors leverage unique architectures, public cloud environments and UDP/TCP protocols to achieve this performance. But these multi-layered architectures are a double-edged sword. While they provide an incredible digital experience, they can be a nightmare to keep secure.

A Multi-Layered Security Problem

All aspects of the gaming arena are vulnerable to different attack surfaces. Understanding these vulnerabilities is the first step in safeguarding these digitized competitions from enterprise hackers spoiling to ruin the fun for everyone.

Unique architectures require a multi-layered approach

Rate-based protection leads to false-positive rates

Heavy reliance on UDP-based communications open the door for attackers

Platform-specific security tools from cloud vendors are inadequate


Multi-Layered Protection

Radware's custom-tailored DDoS mitigation solutions for the gaming industry provides complete protection of the entire gaming arena – from the game server, to the lobby and the gaming session itself.

Protect The Gaming Server & Infrastructure

Radware leverages UDP protection algorithms to provide superior protection against UDP-based cyberattacks. Radware’s behavioral technology stops DDoS attacks in milliseconds and characterizes them in less than 18 seconds.

Protecting The Gaming Lobby

Gaming lobbies pose new security threats as hackers can manipulate the lobby room and flood it with illegitimate users and connections for a competitive advantage. Radware’s automated protection secures lobbies by allowing gaming vendors to monitor traffic patterns and identify abnormal activities.

In-Game Protection

During gaming sessions, malicious gamers can flood an open connection to influence the gaming arena and prevent others from playing. Radware detects abnormal activity of in-game sessions and blocks attack before they commence.

The Solution

Radware’s multi-layered gaming protection is powered by DefensePro and ensures a game’s availability and promises the best user experience across on-premise data centers and public cloud environments.


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